Keynote Address

  1  "Societal Influences on the Nuremberg Laws"
  Part I. Background and Foundations
  2  "The Intellectual Foundations of Nazi Ideology"
  3  "The Legislative and Political Basis of Nazi Germany"
  4  "A Perspective from Social Psychology: Conformity and Obedience to Authority"
  5  "Teaching Workshop"
  6  "Research Seminar"
  7  "An Introduction to Jewish Culture and Religion"
  8  "The Economic and Business Foundations of Nazi Germany"
  Part II. Major Topics
  9  "Forms of Mass Murder: Mobile Death Squads and the Ghettos"
 10  "Jewish Migration Patterns from Ancient Times through the 1930s"
 11  "Jewish Anti-Nazi Resistance"
 12  "The Diversity of Nazi Victims"
 13  "Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices from the Holocaust"
 14  "Drawing Strength: The Art of the Holocaust"
  Part III. Selected National Perspectives
 15  "Vichy France: Enthusiastic Support for Jewish Destruction"
 16  "Italy: The Prevention of Jewish Extermination"
 17  "Fostering Creativity Through Drama"
 18  "Survivors"
 19  "Poland and Occupied USSR: Liquidation of the Jews and the Persecution and Killing of Slavic Peoples"
 20  "The Roosevelt Administration's Response to the Holocaust"
  Part IV. Analysis and Perspective
 21  "Responses to the Holocaust: "How could God let this happen?""
 22  "Promoting Religious Tolerance and Interracial Harmony"
 23  "Reflections on the Holocaust"